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Ehud Amber, President 

With a decade of international notary experience, we specialize in serving the needs of legal professionals in both the U.S. and global markets. As trusted notaries, we bring expertise in authenticating a wide range of documents, ensuring precision and compliance in legal transactions, be it real estate, family matters, or court proceedings. Our commitment to accuracy and understanding of diverse legal systems provides a reliable and strategic advantage for legal practitioners. In addition, we offer professional translation services with a focus on precision and cultural nuance, tailoring solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. Drawing upon our linguistic expertise and cultural fluency, we ensure seamless communication across languages, delivering accurate and contextually relevant translations for legal documents, marketing materials, or technical content, thereby enhancing global reach for our clients.

Our Services 

- Notary & Apostille Services ( U.S - Nation Wide)

- Translation Services ( All languages, for legal use)

- Serving of Legal documents

- Bureaucracy Services in U.S ( Courts, Governments offices, Banks Etc. )

Easy to Contact 

Main Office : 516-974-7207

WhatsApp   : 516-974-7207

Israeli No.   : 051-650-6030

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