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Consulate General of Israel

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Apostille requirements by the Israeli Consulate

The Israeli Consulate in NY requires any signer to fully understand what they are signing on in order to certify the signer’s signature.

The Apostille is certifying that the Notary is a real Notary registered with the State of NY.

The Apostille DOES NOT certify the translation- the translator certified the translation and the notary certified the translator’s testimony on the Certificate of Accuracy that will later on get Authenticated and Apostilled.


  • The document along with the translation must be sealed together as a notebook (see below for notebook pages and instructions)

  • Each document must be translated separately and sealed individually, each document must have its own notarized certificate of accuracy along with Authentication and Apostille (see below)

  • The translated and notarized document must be sealed with apostille seal; (this is referring to the Apostille  Notebook process below)

Apostille Notebook

1. Original document in foreign language

2. Translated document (any language know/spoken by the signer)

3. Notarized Certification Of Accuracy completed by the translator

4. Authentication to Notary Signature (done by the          county, where the notary is registered)

5. Apostille from the department of state

Now you can go back to the consulate to sign the documents

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